Six Around One

by Old Earth



'Six Around One' is seven songs for Samhain 2016. Each song corresponds with the macrocosm (visible celestial bodies of antiquity, alchemical relationships, days of the week, colors, creation myths, etc.) and microcosm (chakras, mantras, concentration, action, intent, etc.)… One song released each day beginning Monday, October 31st and ending on the spiritual center / compass rest / day of rest Sunday, November 6th.

Those interested in digging further, see also Seven, Hepta, etc... It's important to note that when dealing with esoteric study, there can be symbolic dissonance between sources and traditions, so I'm often making associations based on what makes sense to me. This is reflective of a self-directed spiritual path- flawed and uncertain, but earnest. Truth dictates, though, that any and all spiritual efforts are rewarded.

For the first time in years, each song is being considered on its own terms rather than serving a larger piece. Calling it 'Six Around One' is just an associative classification for a batch. As such, I'm not concerned with the songs being listened to in any particular sequence, and I very hesitantly call this an album… As much as I racked my brain, there's no disjointed way to release songs, because temporality and lists force an order. Instead, I'm using a thematically relevant structure of universal development. The songs will intentionally share qualities and themes, and I'm hopeful that people hear an innate familiarity amongst the group. I also and always hope that repeated listens will serve to reveal personal truths and senses of universal connection.

Throughout the two weeks of recording, each day was focused on one song and its accompanying symbolism (with special focus on opening chakras and concentrating on mantras throughout the day)-

'the middle distance'~ Monday. Moon. Action. Red. Root. I Am.

'If it's not in my hands, I can't hold onto it'~ Tuesday. Mars. Integration. Orange. Sacral. I Feel.

'once around The Lake'~ Wednesday. Mercury. Non-Judgement. Yellow. Solar Plexus. I Do.

'the closest to center'~ Thursday. Jupiter. Unconditional Love. Green. Heart. I Love.

'Took breaths, left nothing.'~ Friday. Venus. Positive Speech. Blue. Throat. I Speak.

'If we said No, would it make a difference?'~ Saturday. Saturn. Creativity. Indigo. Third Eye. I See.

'Someone's gotta hold the ladder'~ Sunday. Sun. Acceptance. Violet. Crown. I Understand.

For the gear heads, I worked in my bedroom (Anchor Point) on a MacBook Pro 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 c. 2012, GarageBand '11 (Version 6.0.5), Apogee One interface, Akai LPK25 keyboard, Sure SM58 mic, Voyage Air TelAir guitar processed through Electro-Harmonix Micro POG, Electro-Harmonix C9, Danelectro FAB Echo, and a Boss DD-7.



released October 31, 2016

Written, recorded, and mixed by Umhoefer

Additional tracking by Airis (drums & keys)

Additional vocals by Culbreth

Additional vocals and guitar by Burnett



all rights reserved


Old Earth Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Folk rock with strong elements of avant-classical music"
- SF Deli Magazine

Solo songwriting, collaborative albums.

(photo credit Adam Ryan Morris)

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Track Name: the middle distance
Can't stop the burning lines that guide my hand
Can't stop and heal along the way

I know a few of you who knock on wood

Can't stop and save the day

Track Name: If it's not in my hands, I can't hold onto it
I felt out of place
I felt it off the road
Our breathing takes the place
of the voices in the room

I felt out of place
I feel it in your tone
in the way you speak my name
in the way your feelings roam

Track Name: once around The Lake
If it isn't light this moment's bearing, get it out of the way

Let me know if you're healing something, or get out of the way

Track Name: the closest to center
We felt around for the holes in the sound,
and I felt control from the floor

Found that the sound was away on the round,
so I fell in love with the door

I fell in love with the door, it was used but not what it's for

Track Name: If we said NO, would it make a difference?
We were building something with no form
on the highest hinge that holds the door

Keep the adored around
and the omens out

How am I supposed to witness
when the weight is on my eye?

On a path with no persistence,
is the difference in my mind?

On this wasted round, underway
Always losing ground, in the day

How am I supposed to witness
in a smoke that robs my light

And a hand with no resistance
is the same that rubs my eye

We were building something with no form
on the highest hinge that holds the door

And the only sound that hangs around
Track Name: Someone's gotta hold the ladder
She went out ahead so that the rest of us could stay

Weave until the fires die and lay in wait for day

Something else took hold of us, it must've been the wake

Nothing's breathing loud enough to call it wrong by name

I wouldn't be on the other side of day, and
you won't catch ME wandering

After all the quiet falls and walls are washed away

Nothing there was holding us and nothing true decays

Fire this and fire that and fire comes to lay

With arms around the room's allowed to fall and burn away

It was hot
but not enough

I wouldn't be on the underside of day, and
YOU won't catch me wandering