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Out the spheres of The Sorrowful Mysteries

by Old Earth

1 Hushing, 2 02:21


Todd Umhoefer, Will Boast, Adam Webb-Orenstein, Chad A. Burnett, Christopher Porterfield, Nick Berg, Peterson Goodwyn

Recorded by Old Earth at Capp St, SF. Produced by Burnett, Mixed by Umhoefer and Mastered by Goodwyn

Artwork by Umhoefer and D. Rosen



released September 4, 2009


1 hushing, 2

I've got some things I'm taking down to the river,
I'm gonna see what floats and what falls.
I've got some things to burn.
I've got some things that are just held together in spit,
between the ribbons and the snakes
between the ribbons and the snakes!
some of it's mixed in ground, and
some of it's around my neck,
but my good friend says "Hold yourself tight"
my good friend says "Hold yourself tight!"

this Seashore is something to Wake Up! from

Here Came Tides!
How Small!
How Small!
How Simple Now!
my mouth is House,
the Cellar,
the Bricks,
held by land with ancient purposes...
I approached This Boat like a sacred thing,
you could tell where it came from by sight!
no ribs too small,
no fence too bent, hell bent
These Woods were the darkest chapel my hands folded in
they held No Light, No Life,
the ground moved,
and uncle and nephew passed through.

Some of these Limbs, yeah, the glue's still Wet

What's this day my body's wrapped around?
It's the first present ever.
How can you just sit there,
full of holes and holes? Alone?
God kid, your fucking poetry makes me sick,
God kid, you're ripping me to shreds!
It smells like hope, It smells like smoke is
crawling around on the forest floor,
by Limbs or worms?
But in a time of preservation, someone played bells

Mirror hung Tree height

Let me tell you about that voice!
It sang and screamed at me for days...
Hey there Brother Rabbit,
these are woods we can't ignore

therial Errand

Get that smoke out of my face!
It smells like there's something wrong...
These daily archeries,
these rhythms wrapped in circles,
I was overcome!
I was overcome!
We were overcome by the rhythm!
We were overcome!
We were overcome!
This museum holds imperfect examples!
I'll make a list of all the Good Things!

Here came Born (the House song)

Call it a Blessing,
Call it a Chore,
This House
This Strange House.
Walls we surrounded,
Walls we kept warm,
Walls we filled with blood.
Where hung A Mystery?
Where hung The Rafters?



all rights reserved



Old Earth Portland, Oregon

"Folk rock with strong elements of avant-classical music"
- SF Deli Magazine

Included in The Journal Sentinel's "20 Best Milwaukee Songs and Albums of the 2010s"

"Tonal delight, packed with experience . . . He sounds enchanting" - NME

Songs by Todd Umhoefer

(photo by Ryan Bieber)
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