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A Wake in the Wells

by Old Earth

1 11:01
1 "Well Abandonment" I wanted walls, for something to push against I wanted waves, for something to row (so) I went by boat There's tides all the time, and they're high all the time "some Gates'll swing wide, for Us" Well, I saw it once, from some window~ 8 chairs, 8 people living, hear when it came limping back, The whole village had their hands in! When it came limping home the moment came "Accept that the mark will outlast you" It's fine on its own, it does.
2 04:56
2 "Under the Lumber" (instr.) "an Alley Swing" I guess some shadows pretty long now, is it safe? Who's out at this hour? It waits for you back at home, it blocks the window all day Is it a sign?
3 08:06
3 "Sphereless" What the hell are these bells doing out? It feels like grace passes over this place One night, I woke up from a nightmare One night, I woke up from the rain One night, I woke up from the house shook and One night I woke up from being alone (no, I didn't) "No Cerra, No" Wait for the morning sound, we wait for a morning sound, we wait for a rolling sound, wait for the rolling sound, Lo, Another voice came in, "Fa!"
4 04:08
4 "Callin' Callin' to The Pity Party" (instr.) "~sideyard lith" (instr.)
5 03:59
5 "The Place changed, We didn't" What else could it become beside(s) another hole in the ground? A hole in the ground. They're hopper, they're turner, they're miller, they're weaver, Teller calls crier's joy, as burg became fill. They found some way into these lands like no one else, We took their place with no regard for what they called themselves



Published by
Mini50 Records & Arrow Girl



released August 31, 2014

Written by Umhoefer

Engineered by Umhoefer, Berg, & Olivo
Recorded at Cozy Grotto & Bobby Peru
Mixed by Umhoefer and Mastered by Berg

Art by Mehigan (jennifermehigan.com)


Track 1
"Well Abandonment" "some Gates'll swing wide, for Us" and "Accept that the mark will outlast you"

Track 2
"Under the Lumber" and "an Alley Swing"

Track 3
"Sphereless" and "No Cerra, No"

Track 4
"Callin' Callin' to The Pity Party" and "sideyard lith"

Track 5
"The Place changed, We didn't"



all rights reserved



Old Earth Portland, Oregon

"Folk rock with strong elements of avant-classical music"
- SF Deli Magazine

Included in The Journal Sentinel's "20 Best Milwaukee Songs and Albums of the 2010s"

"Tonal delight, packed with experience . . . He sounds enchanting" - NME

Songs by Todd Umhoefer

(photo by Ryan Bieber)
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