a hellbound march of Particles

by See the People ~ Old Earth

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es gran pinche lio


released June 8, 2007

Todd Umhoefer, with Elisabeth Albeck and Christopher Porterfield for "OE on WMSE, 4.13.10 (pt. 2)"



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Old Earth Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Folk rock with strong elements of avant-classical music"
- SF Deli Magazine

Solo songwriting, collaborative albums.

(photo credit Adam Ryan Morris)

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Track Name: some of these Limbs, yeah, the Glue's still Wet
What's this day my body's wrapped around?
It's the first present ever.

How can you just sit there, full of breath, and holes, alone?

God kid! your fucking poetry makes me sick!

God kid, you're ripping me to shreads...

It smells like hope, it smells like smoke,
crawling around on the forrest floor,

my limbs and worms

But in a time of preservation I hear bells!
Track Name: house song
call it a Blessing
call it a Chore

This House, This Strange House

Walls we surrounded
Walls we kept warm
Walls we filled with blood

Where hung a mystery?
Where hung the rafters?
Track Name: hHushinGg
Yeah, I've got some things I'm taking down to the river,
I'm gonna see what floats and what falls.

Yeah, I've got some things to burn.

Yeah, I've got some things, that are just held together in spit-

Between the ribbons and the snakes,
between the ribbons and the snakes.

Some of it's mixed in ground, and
some of it's around my neck.

My good friend says 'Hold yourself tight,' my good friend says 'Hold yourself tight.'
Track Name: My Song, My Song, My Song
There's cinders there, where I put down some prayer (piling stones)

Piling stones because the ground's too cold for holes, or
to make one mean something good

but Before I got the money home, I ended up at the Baal

I'm sorry for what I've done
"Sorry, can't make right"

Why are you so hard on yourself
there's that part of you that's always been good!

What to call the room?
I'll name it after you
Track Name: Anthology, body (cinematic)
(see The Body Anthology)
Track Name: OE on WMSE, 4.13.10 (pt. 2)

Video here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlO1TWQvOVg
Track Name: blooze
Didn't you love all the other men?

Didn't you love a man who sang it blue?

Didn't you love all the other men?

So I slept with books in bed,

piles of books in bed

Why do they always cut down the tallest tree? good lord
Track Name: black earth aside
it's been a long time


Been a long time, so?
And I'm late, So?

So? Move like it's alive!

This thing changed, this Thing changed.
Track Name: effet elle
Track Name: Three Weekends